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Avoid these mistakes in IELTS speaking!

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Difficulty level of IELTS Speaking
This section is known to be challenging as it requires language proficiency, confidence, coherence and effective time management skills.
Preparation and time management
Some get nervous and aren’t able to express their thoughts in time, due to insufficient practice. Learn the test format well and practice a wide range of sample questions.
Pronunciation and intonation
Poor pronunciation leads to misunderstandings and monotonous intonation makes your speech unengaging. Focus on individual sounds, stress patterns & word linking.
Vocabulary and grammar
Don’t use repetitive vocabulary and expand your grammatical structure. Learn new phrases and words everyday.
Non-verbal cues
Don’t overlook the importance of non-verbal cues and utilize your body language and facial expressions to coherently communicate.
Learn more about common mistakes and how to avoid them.
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