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GRE for South American universities

Discover the importance of the GRE and its requirements in South American university admissions.
GRE comprises Verbal Reasoning (word, sentence, paragraph analysis), Quantitative Reasoning (math, data interpretation), and Analytical Writing (structured essay composition).

GRE exam format

GRE score ranges between 260-340, divided into verbal, quantitative (130-170 each) and analytical writing (scored 0-6).

GRE scores per section

Find out what is considered as a good GRE score for South American universities.

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Universidade de São Paulo is a top South American university that requires applicants to achieve 155 in verbal, 158 in quantitative, and 4.0 in the analytical writing section of GRE.

Universidade de São Paulo

This Colombian university requires the following minimum GRE scores: Verbal 148, Quantitative 150, Analytical Writing 4.0, for applicant acceptance.

University of the Andes Colombia

Costa Rican university exempts most applicants from GRE, except biophysics program candidates, mandating minimum scores of 140 verbal, 145 quantitative, 3.0 analytical writing.

Universidad Costa Rica

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