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IELTS Exam dates and preparation

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Exam dates
The British Council and IDP Education prefer administering the IELTS computer-based test.
IELTS Academic:
12th & 21st October 2023,
4th & 18th November 2023,
7th & 9th December 2023
IELTS Academic &
General Training:
7th & 28th October 2023,
9th & 25th November 2023,
2nd & 16th December 2023
IELTS test centers in India
The IELTS test is administered in 78 locations across India by the British Council and IDP Education.
Spend time in preparation
Experts recommend around 6-8 weeks’ preparation for the exam, whether it’s the IELTS Academic, General Training or UKVI test.
Book ahead, score better
Prepare well and secure a higher band score by booking a date/time that suits you, well in advance.
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