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ISC Paris | IELTS requirements & more

Want to study top management courses in Paris? Know more about ISC (Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris).

About ISC Paris

ISC Paris, founded in 1963, is a premier business school in Paris and Orléans, offering global business education, MBA courses, and extensive international partnerships.

Why study here?

ISC Paris offers excellent programs with expert-designed MBA curriculum, in-depth subject knowledge, career assistance, and globally recognized accreditations for business excellence.

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IELTS requirements

A high IELTS score enhances admission prospects for ISC Paris management courses; requirements vary by major: Undergrad (5.5), Masters (5.5-6.0), MBA (5.5-6.0).

Tuition fees

ISC Paris business school fees vary by program. Approximate fees: Undergrad 7650€/yr, Masters 12,000-14,000€/course, MIM 11,300€/yr, MBA 16,000€/course (16 months).
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