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Schedule your study time and exams

Overcome the most significant challenge of aligning your study schedule with overseas exams and different time zones.

Strategic revision timetable

Design a well-structured study routine with shorter study sessions combined with regular breaks. This keeps you on track and maximizes your productivity.

Power of

Use colorful mind maps, Venn diagrams, and subject trees to organize and clarify the topics you need to address as it will improve your comprehension and recollection significantly.

Optimal study environment

While most individuals prefer calm, distraction-free places like libraries or cozy cafes, picking an area that allows you to concentrate and absorb knowledge efficiently is critical.

Adapt your schedule to your lifestyle

If you are a full-time student, you may have more freedom for extended study periods. If you have to balance work and other responsibilities, you’ll need to study when and where you can.

Summarising &
note taking

Summarizing theories and information in your own words in notebooks or on flashcards consolidates your knowledge.

Group study sessions

Studying with people of the same interests can and provide a forum for clarifying doubts and maintaining motivation.
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