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Your guide to MIT’s SAT score

Wondering if your SAT score is good enough for MIT? Discover the SAT score required for admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About MIT

MIT, founded in 1861, is a global leader in science, engineering, and technology, fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

SAT score for MIT

MIT has no fixed SAT score requirements, but competitive applicants often score high (over 1300s) due to MIT's quantitative emphasis.

Find out the average score at MIT and know the admission criteria.

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MIT’s admission requirements

MIT admissions requires emphasizing individuality, innovation, and passion, aligning extracurriculars with MIT values, gaining research experience and a flawless application.

Factors to consider while applying

MIT prioritizes overall applicant merit, considering SAT scores as indicators of academic capability. However, a standout score alone won't secure admission, given intense competition.

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