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Choose the right study abroad exam for you

Wondering which study abroad entrance exams to appear for? Swipe to learn which test aligns with your career and study goals.

Choosing an exam

Before choosing a study abroad exam, you need to first select your desired course and area of study, your level of study and then your university and destination.


These tests are required in countries where English is the medium of instruction. TOEFL is accepted by 10,000 universities and IELTS, by over 11,000 organizations worldwide.


Primarily for postgraduate programs, GMAT is preferred for business and management programs, while GRE has a broader acceptance for a variety of programs across disciplines.


These undergraduate entrance exams, widely recognized in the US, evaluate a range of knowledge and skills like communication, writing and quantitative and critical reasoning.


These are specialized exams for professional programs like medicine and law, among others. For example, if you want to study medicine in the U.S., you’d need to take the MCAT.

Factors affecting your decision

The exam format, location and availability of the test, and the cost of the test are factors that you need to consider before finalizing your study abroad exam.
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