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Don’t memorize your IELTS answers!

Here are some reasons why you should not memorize the answers to the IELTS questions.

& authenticity

IELTS examiners can recognize memorized responses and favor spontaneous and authentic responses that reflect a candidate’s English language proficiency.

Dynamic nature of questions

Questions in the IELTS exam vary from test to test. Developing an understanding of structuring your responses and expressing your ideas logically is more effective.

Spontaneity & flexibility

The IELTS examiners evaluate your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas, not your memorization skills which negatively affects your spontaneity and flexibility.

Increasing anxiety levels

You might worry about forgetting the memorized responses or not having prepared answers for the questions which can affect your overall performance.

Unrealistic expectations

Memorizing the answers sets unrealistic expectations as the IELTS test is a means to ensure you can survive and thrive in an English-speaking environment.

Strategies for IELTS

Improve note-taking skills, enhance scanning and skimming abilities, focus on understanding the task and write coherently and cohesively and practice a range of vocabulary.
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