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ESMT Berlin’s GMAT requirements

Here’s your guide to get into Berlin’s top B-school- European School for Management and Technology (ESMT).

Why ESMT Berlin?

It is a top global business school offering a unique MBA experience with triple-crown accreditation, comprehensive curriculum, guaranteed placements, and financial assistance.

Acceptance rate

ESMT Berlin's 25% acceptance rate highlights the need for a strong GMAT score and other university-specific prerequisites for admission.

GMAT score’s significance

The GMAT score is crucial for ESMT Berlin's MBA program, assessing academic readiness and leadership potential along with other factors.

Admission requirements

ESMT Berlin management courses require 3 years of experience, a bachelor's degree, GRE/BAT/EA scores, GMAT (640), and English proficiency (TOEFL 95, IELTS 7, etc.).

Documents required for ESMT

Documents for international students include academic transcripts, CV, recommendation letter, statement of purpose, and €50 application fee which may vary by course.
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