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GRE accepting universities in Germany

If you’re looking to find your dream university in Germany, here is a list of GRE accepting universities.

Why Germany?

Germany offers low cost of living and free education to international students along with world class diplomas and a chance to learn a new language.

GRE in Germany

Graduate schools commonly use GRE results to choose candidates eligible for merit-based scholarships.

Technical University of Munich

It is one of Germany’s leading research universities for natural sciences and engineering and requires a score of 157 (in Verbal).

RWTH Aachen

It is the largest university for Technical studies with over 144 courses taught and requires a minimum score of 150
(in both verbal and quantitative).

University of Freiburg

Situated in the heart of the city as one of the 10 best universities in Germany, GRE for this university is optional.
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