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Importance of GRE and TOEFL in studying abroad

Learn about how GRE and TOEFL can put you on a path to world-renowned universities and successful careers.

Graduate Record Examination

The GRE is a globally recognized exam used by graduate and business schools in North American, European, Asian, and Australian countries.

Test of English as a Foreign Language

The TOEFL is accepted in over 150 countries worldwide and was created primarily to assess non-native English speakers’ level of ability in the language.

Relevance of GRE & TOEFL scores

These scores help with the admission processes of top universities as they are often competitive with stringent standards.
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Importance of GRE

GRE scores are used by universities all around the world to assess applicants’ academic potential, assuring a fair and consistent evaluation.

Importance of TOEFL

The TOEFL tests how well non-native speakers can communicate in English as it is the language of teaching in many academic institutions worldwide.

Combined importance

GRE and TOEFL together assess applicants' abilities, help universities choose students for success abroad and enhance competitiveness for scholarships and educational opportunities abroad.
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