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SAT scores for your dream Ivy League universities

Aiming for Ivy League universities? Then the SAT exam is the way to go! Keep scrolling to learn how to strengthen your application.
Harvard &
Yale University
As universities with the highest number of Nobel laureates, Harvard University and Yale University have a score range of 1480-1600.
Princeton & Columbia University
As foremost research universities, Princeton University and Columbia University have a score range of 1460-1600 for the SAT.
Dartmouth College
Renowned for its Baker-Berry Library, Dartmouth College has a score range from 1450-1570.
University of Pennsylvania &
Brown University
University of Pennsylvania & Brown University with acceptance rates of 6% and 5.5% respectively, have a SAT score range from 1440-1580.
Cornell University
Pursue your dreams of veterinary medicine at Cornell University with a score range of 1400-1560.
Admission process
Ivy Leagues check for other aspects like academic record, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, personal essays and interviews.
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