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Select the best TOEFL prep course

Wondering which type of preparation course is best for you to ace TOEFL? We’ve got you!

Self-paced online courses

They offer a flexible learning environment, ideal for those who have varying schedules and are generally more affordable (prices starting at $100).

Instructor-led online courses

This offers live sessions, personalized feedback, and a more structure learning experience. They are usually expensive but worth the investment.

In-person courses

This course provides hands-on guidance and real-time interaction with instructors and peers. It is the most expensive option with the least flexibility in terms of scheduling.

Importance of TOEFL prep

If you’re aiming to study in an English-speaking country, TOEFL preparation helps you grasp the basics of the English language and demonstrates a nuanced understanding of it.

How to prepare for TOEFL

Engage in focused study sessions, dedicate time to each section of the test and take practice tests under exam conditions by establishing a feedback loop.

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