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Your guide to IELTS for Australian visa

Discover the minimum band score requirements and key structure to master IELTS for Australian immigration!

Visa requirements

Do an extensive study to find out the IELTS for Australian immigration and the minimum score requirement needed for your particular visa category.

Begin Early

Start preparing well in advance to give yourself enough time to sharpen your skills and test your knowledge. Early planning lowers anxiety and improves your likelihood of success.

Choose an appropriate test

Make sure to choose either IELTS Academic or General Training test based on the specifications of your visa. The General Training element of IELTS for Australian immigration visas is normally required.

Mock exams and simulations

Enhance your time management, monitor your progress, purchase IELTS preparation resources, take regular practice exams and create a test-like environment to grow accustomed to the test structure.

Remain calm and composed

On the exam day, keep in mind that you prepared thoroughly and now is your chance to demonstrate your language skills on the IELTS for Australian immigration.

Discover the most effective language proficiency strategies to master IELTS for Australian immigration!

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