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Your guide to SAT subject tests

Don’t miss out on opportunities. Know the subjects you’re interested in and give the SAT.

SAT Biology E/M

The Biology subject test assesses college-level biology knowledge, focusing on environmental and molecular biology, crucial for aspiring doctors.

SAT Chemistry

The Chemistry subject test evaluates data organization, inference-making, and mastery of complex formulas, making it challenging for students.

SAT US & World History

The US History test assesses understanding of historical ideas, cause-effect links, geography, and key events while the World History test examines major global events and analytical skills.

SAT Literature

The SAT English Literature test is a 60-minute, 60-question exam, offered in specific months. It assesses literary analysis skills and knowledge of English literature.

SAT Math tests

SAT Math Level 1 covers algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and basic math concepts in a 60-minute, 50-question test. Level 2 includes advanced topics like calculus and proofs.
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