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Course Outline

Diagnostic Test

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Section 1: Analytical Writing Assessment- 1 Essay- 30 minutes

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Section 2: Integrated Reasoning- 12 Questions- 30 minutes

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Section 3: Quantitative Reasoning- 31 Questions- 62 minutes

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Section 4: Verbal Reasoning- 36 Questions- 65 minutes

Introduction to GMAT

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All about GMAT

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Frequently Asked Questions- General

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Frequently Asked Questions- Analytical Writing

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Frequently Asked Questions- Integrated Reasoning

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Frequently Asked Questions- Verbal Reasoning

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Frequently Asked Questions- Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning

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Chapter 1: Number System

  • Number Properties- Notes
  • Divisibility- Notes
  • Unit Digit- Notes
  • Multiples and Factors- Notes
  • LCM and HCF- Notes
  • Number of Zeros- Notes
  • Remainders- Notes
  • Base System- Notes
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Chapter 2: Algebra

  • Exponents Roots and Identities- Notes
  • Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials- Notes
  • Linear Equations and Inequalities- Notes
  • Quadratic Function- Notes
  • Functions- Notes
  • Progressions- Notes
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Chapter 3: Arithmetic

  • Chapter 3: Arithmetic
  • Averages- Notes
  • Ratio and Proportion- Notes
  • Percentage- Notes
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Chapter 4: Word Problems

  • Profit and Loss- Notes
  • Interest- Notes
  • Mixtures- Notes
  • Work and Time- Notes
  • Time Speed and Distance- Notes
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Chapter 5: Geometry and Coordinate Geometry

  • Lines and Angles- Notes
  • Polygons- Notes
  • Triangles- Notes
  • Quadrilaterals- Notes
  • Circles- Notes
  • Mensuration- Notes
  • Coordinate Geometry- Notes
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Chapter 6: Advanced Math

  • Permutations and Combinations- Notes
  • Probability- Notes

Integrated Reasoning

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Integrated Reasoning Quant

  • Introduction
  • Statistics- Notes
  • Data Interpretation- Notes
  • Sets- Notes

Full-Length Practice Test

GMAT Complete Course Study Schedule

GMAT Recommended List of Books

Who should take this Course

  • Applicants who are aspiring to take admission for their Management Program, specialized Master's in Business, or MBA worldwide.
  • Students who have already prepared for the Verbal Reasoning section and need help to score higher on the Quantitative Reasoning Section.


Aarti Chopdekar

Aarti Chopdekar


To pursue my MBA abroad has always been my dream. And with the help of iSchoolConnect's test preparation platform, I could turn that dream into a reality. Along with the live classes, they also offered an e-book for the GMAT valid for a lifetime. The team is helpful and addresses all the queries with utmost patience.

Aisha Pacheko

Aisha Pacheko


I am someone who believes in keeping everything in one place. And while I was preparing for GMAT and TOEFL, all I wondered was will I get a platform that would offer me both the test preps. But thankfully, iSchool Prep came to my rescue. I came across their profile on Instagram, and when I checked the site, I immediately purchased their plans. First of all, the test packages are feasible, and secondly, the course content is amazingly detailed. From live classes to e-books, the platform has it all!

Sana Shabbir Khan

Sana Shabbir Khan


I've always been underconfident when it comes to integrated reasoning. Because of this, I wanted to practice more and, honestly, needed proper guidance for the GMAT. And iSchool Prep came as my savior; I opted for their premium package for GMAT, which offered personal coaching. My coach ensured that I practiced integrated reasoning every day, and that really boosted my confidence. All doubts gone; I am now pursuing my Master's in Finance at my dream university!

Athar Aamir

Athar Aamir


I had no idea what it took to prepare for the GMAT. I just started reading what could be found online and watching YouTube videos to get the best possible preparation for my exam. And during one such online study, I came across iSchool Prep. It is the best GMAT test prep platform with a comprehensive and holistic approach. This revolutionary new platform made me realize that I was only scratching the surface of what it takes to succeed in this exam. Thanks to them for all the guidance!

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